do you choose with your heart or your mind

When making purchases, most people’s rational thoughts fly out the window.
Emotions play a much more prevalent role than reason.
They purchase things based on how they feel about them more than by how useful or reliable the item may be.
Next time you are about to make a purchase, take a moment to ask yourself the motive behind the purchase.
You may be surprised!
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Have you noticed what stories make it to top of the newscast or headline in the papers?

It is very seldom that we see a story about a happy event at the forefront of the news. This is because most people seem to be attracted to the tragic stories more than the good stories. Continue reading “Bad NEWS!”

The Best Facebook Fan Pages

If there is a common thread that runs through internet marketing and advertising success stories, apart from the tough challenges, it’s the need for uniqueness and originality.
StorefrontsThe best Facebook Fan pages attain just that. As you will not find two profitable shops with the exact same storefronts, Facebook has given the green light for businesses to stand out. Facebook allows you to take your advertising and marketing efforts to new levels by generating highly original and content rich web sites that could be compared to WordPress mini-sites.
A lot of companies are offering specialized designs for Facebook Fan pages. Depending on the type of company you run and the image you want to project, you are able to adapt these designs to fit your business model perfectly. It is simple to combine amazing graphics inside your Facebook site together with video, audio and other interactive elements, alongside your wall and other components you are able to include in a Facebook Fan page.

Seven Hundred Million Folks Can’t Be Wrong

emotions-groupI doubt that anyone could have conceived how Facebook would have grown after its early days, but it continues to grow and expand! The people that run Facebook are eager to stay ahead of any advances in technology.
To that end, no company large or small should pass up the chance to build and grow a substantial Fan base. By using one of these new Facebook templates, specifically developed for your organization, there is certainly no reason why your business cannot cash in on all those millions of fans.
In contrast to the world wide web in general, advertising on Facebook, with the help of their personal information database, it is possible to aim your ads at an extremely targeted audience. This eliminates the need for search engine optimization and other concerns that force web marketers outside of Facebook to keep up with Google’s constant algorithm modifications. In Facebook, if someone likes you, they are going to remain a fan so long as you treat them right and give them what they want.

Exclusivity is Good

Lady Gaga is great, but would she have been as well-liked if she didn’t wear all those crazy outfits? Take a page out of her book, your Facebook Fan page can appear like Lady Gaga, if that’s suitable to your business, turning it into one of the best known web sites on Facebook.
Kerouac_quoteMen and women are constantly on the lookout for something new and different these days. It may be tough to come up with something that’s completely original, but using the right analysis and some testing, you may be able to come up with a Facebook Fan page that knocks them dead!
Word of mouth gets around and that’s what you would like, especially on a social media website. Many of the strangest videos on YouTube have gone viral! Your hope is that your Facebook Fan page will do the exact same.

Study Your Competitors

Part of your research, if you choose you need a Facebook Fan page, is taking a look at the best Fan pages to see why they are so popular. Also look at your competitors’ web sites to see which elements you are able to include and those which could be improved on.
Obviously these Fan pages are there for a reason – do not loose sight of that! You are developing this to create customers and boost your visitors. So whatever you do, keep this in mind and make sure you are succeeding. Aim to develop one the best Facebook Fan pages for your niche in the marketplace.
Our Prosperity Team can help you to overcome any glitches you run into when setting up your Fan page. Our group of veteran entrepreneurs have gone through all the struggles and are willing to share their expertise with you.
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Just remember: You CAN do it!
I believe in you!
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Getting Your Information Out to the Masses

Profitable Online Promotion Made Easy

Online marketing advertising campaigns cost money, sure, but how else are you going to get those company systems going or publicize a new product? Tons of network marketing specialists fail to grasp this from the start and miss many opportunities to build a significant income.
Teachers wantedAdvertising campaigns should be considered as an investment and the means of promotion should be selected wisely and overseen for effectiveness regularly. It is quite easy to lose a lot of money by using ineffectual advertising and marketing!
Here are the main results you’ll be aiming for from your network marketing promotions:

  1. Making sales
  2. Promoting your product or service
  3. Developing your brand
  4. Finding leads

Just like any brick and mortar company, online business promotion is essential to your eventual success. On the web it can be tricky for anyone to make the proper choice. There exists countless thousands of websites, many billions of ads for items and, unless you have got a new product which is absolutely one-of-a-kind, masses of competition with more cash than you might have at your disposal.

Determining Your Limits

Your first step should be to figure out your advertising budget. Simply figure out how much you can manage to pay monthly on promotions. Once this is in place, if your target advertising and marketing gives good results and increased earnings, the budget can easily be increased later .
If you’re new to online marketing and have limited funds, you will find plenty of ways to advertise for free on the internet. Some of these are not worth your while, but others may provide you with fabulous results.
Whenever you determine that a method you are using isn’t bringing in the end results you wanted, abandon it and move on. Advertising in the wrong places can keep your business from growing the way you want.

Do You Really Need Money?

currency mixtureThe very best free advertising is of course word of mouth recommendations, consequently generating excitement about your product or service is dependent upon you. Blogs, forums and social networking sites are wonderful places for gaining exposure for your products. Although these methods are totally free, you must be consistent in using them if you are to get good results.
Don’t just go on Twitter and make 1 or 2 threads exclaiming your product is the greatest, or saying everyone needs to buy one for the best results because you’ll most likely be ignored. Nor should you submit tweets every couple of minutes; individuals need to build up followers before they even start mentioning what they’re providing.
It’s like going to a party where nearly everyone is a stranger to you. You must introduce yourself and create relationships before you try and offer your products or services. If you wouldn’t do it at a party, don’t consider doing it on social sites, discussion boards or forums either.
You’ll also want to rely on others to provide a personal referral, and again, this comes through social interaction, both offline and online. It’s crucial that you build a relationship with your consumers first. Leads are extremely valuable and nobody will reach for their wallet unless you build some trust first!

Building a List

newspaper-in doorIn the olden days, bulk mailing campaigns were the way get responses and build lists for offline businesses. This method is still available to the online business owner, but there are other less costly ways to build your list.
If you can get people who were interested enough to visit your site to leave their contact information, you will have a list of potential buyers to contact. Instead of an address or phone number, we are primarily looking for e-mail addresses when building a list today. You can entice them to leave their information by offering some sort of promotion or discount.
However you start your online campaign, it’s better to understand the concept of network marketing first. Truth be told there’s a lot of psychology involved in selling. If you don’t know the fundamentals of online marketing, maybe you could benefit by some guidance from people who do?
The Prosperity Team has a group of veteran online entrepreneurs who can give you guidance on any aspect of your online business. You can benefit from their experience and get information on methods that have been tested and tweaked to perfection.
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Just remember: You CAN do it!
I believe in you!
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When Opportunity Knocks…

Taking advantage of surprise opportunities can boost your marketing:

The radio show mentioned above can be found at the following link:
When Opportunity Knocks…

No matter what you are involved in online, chances are you will have to promote it somehow.
Our Prosperity Team can help you to focus on a workable plan to get you going in the right direction and becoming successful faster. Just click the link below to join:
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