Follow-up to Gain Success in Your Online Business

The Cash is in the Follow-up

It is not very often that a sale is made on the first visit.
To see what I mean, go to your local mall and do some research.
Sit outside any store with a single entrance, so you can track the people going in and out of the store.
Note how many people go into the store and leave empty handed.
Compare this number to the amount that leave with a purchase.

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do you have a goal setting theory

Lay the groundwork before developing a goal setting theory

We all get ideas about how the world works based on our own experiences.
But this is a very narrow view to take.
We can only experience so much in our own lives.
So it is a good idea to read about different aspects of live to learn more about what others have determined before us.
So before you finalize your goal setting theory, make sure you do some research.
This will help you to set your theory based on a wider base of knowledge and provide a firmer foundation to grow from.
Goal setting theory

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do you have the courage to be your true self

Are you the courageous type?

For so many of us, our adult lives are shaped when we are young.
We see what those around us are doing and emulate them into our adulthood.
But unlike the ugly ducklings, we are not fated to grow into a likeness of our parents.
We have the free will to become whatever we want to be when we grow up.
It is never too late to change the course of your life and start being who you truly are.
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are you doing what you know to be right

Do what you know to be right

There are many different ways to get things done.
Sometimes, doing things the quick and easy way may be appropriate.
But make sure you take into account all the pros and cons before proceeding with the easy route.
In the end, you have to live with your choices and the way you handled things.
You want to be able to hold your head high and be proud of the work you have done.
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are you studying too much

Studying too much can be harmful

It is very easy to get caught up in the web of knowledge attainment and studying too much.
We keep finding more and more things to learn about our chosen field.
We feel like we need to know all there is to know before getting in front of people so that we don’t look foolish.
The truth is that there will always be more to learn.
Work with what you know now and keep building your knowledge as you go along.
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do you have a simple plan to succeed

Will you follow through with your plan to succeed?

People tend to over-complicate things when working out a plan to succeed.
They find it hard to believe that it can be attained by following simple steps.
This is because they don’t see that the hard part is remaining consistent with this plan.
No matter what happens, no matter how long it takes, you have to persevere and follow your simple plan through to succeed.

Plan to succeed
Plan to succeed

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choose the flavors you prefer

Do you like to try new foods?
Have you ever tasted something that you thought you wouldn’t like that ended up being one of your favorite dishes?
Everyone has different tastes, whether it be food or fashion or activities.
So try as many things as you can to determine if they suit your tastes.
At the very least, you will know that it is not for you and you can avoid it in the future.
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do you choose with your heart or your mind

When making purchases, most people’s rational thoughts fly out the window.
Emotions play a much more prevalent role than reason.
They purchase things based on how they feel about them more than by how useful or reliable the item may be.
Next time you are about to make a purchase, take a moment to ask yourself the motive behind the purchase.
You may be surprised!
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