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When it comes to internet marketing, you have a variety of areas to choose from. From website design to search engine optimization, online marketing is necessary to have a successful business on the internet.
One of the more vital aspects of it is to have a solid email marketing strategy.
Pretty much everyone nowadays has at least one email account. This means even if they don’t do much else, they at least log in to check their email.
There are a lot of people that keep their home internet account just so they can send and receive email. Being able to tap into that market is key to maintaining a healthy internet business.

Build a list to have your own captive audience

currency mixtureYou may have heard the saying:

The money is in the list

What specifically is meant by this?. In short, it’s getting people to agree to receive messages from you on a regular basis.
The reason that this is so important is that it gives you a captive audience to market to repeatedly. The people on your email list don’t have to remember to visit your website to check if you are running a special offer.
You will be able to communicate anything you want to them by email. All they need to do is see your message waiting for them in their in-box.

How does one get a list?

At the very least, you should get the email address of everybody that buys from you online; just make it a part of the purchase process.
Current customers tend to make up the most responsive lists for future mailings. They have already bought from you, so they are more likely to buy from you again, assuming you have met their expectations.
However, you know as well as anybody that not all visitors to your site are going to buy something. In fact, it’s safe to say that the vast majority of them won’t buy anything at all when they visit your page.
What you can do to get their email address is to offer something to them for free.
Make your free offer something you will send to them by email. This way they have to supply the address to receive the free offer.

OK, I have the email address, now what do I send them?

Business-PlanOne tool every online marketer needs is an autoresponder.
This is the system that will not only keep all the emails you receive in segregated lists for you, it will also send out emails automatically to them.
You just have to set up emails in advance as campaigns to go out to the addresses you accumulate at set times.
By maintaining a separate list for buyers and non-buyers, you can send your original offer out to the non-buyers written in a different way.
Just because they weren’t ready to buy the first time, doesn’t mean they won’t be ready the next time you send out a mailing to them. That’s just the way the math works out.
Don’t just send out sales offers though, remember that every mailing you send out should provide value of some kind.
You can send out informational pieces that relate to your product, or you can send out tips and training letters as well.
Offering value is absolutely necessary to having an effective email marketing strategy.

Not all autoresponders are created equal

You should keep a close watch on the responses to the emails in your campaigns.
You can go in and change the wording of the title or in the body of the message to see if you get a better response.
When you get a campaign that works well, you can send it out to all your other lists as well.
One feature of the GVO autoresponder that I like in particular is the ability to share campaigns.
You can get a great series set up and let the rest of your team send it to their lists as well.
There is even an option that will let the original person share changes to the campaign automatically with others even after they have installed the campaign on their system.
If you are interested in learning about this feature and all the other great benefits GVO has to offer, you can join my Pure Leverage team.
Now of course I can’t guarantee any income to you…but what I can do is give you a fighting chance with something that actually works!
So if you are looking:

  • to learn more
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  • follow a step-by-step proven system that works…

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Follow-up to Gain Success in Your Online Business

The Cash is in the Follow-up

It is not very often that a sale is made on the first visit.
To see what I mean, go to your local mall and do some research.
Sit outside any store with a single entrance, so you can track the people going in and out of the store.
Note how many people go into the store and leave empty handed.
Compare this number to the amount that leave with a purchase.

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Discover how to Become a Leader in any Niche

Develop Your Knowledge to Become a Leader

No matter what field you are interested in, someone has written a book about it at some time.
One of the best ways to learn about any subject is to read about it.
You don’t even need to find a copy of the book anymore.
Most books have an e-book version you can read right on your computer or many other handheld devices.
So if you want to get  ahead in any area, start reading all you can about the subject.
Before long you will know more than most people and can be considered an expert on it!

Read something informative each day to take advantage of all of the information available to you in books. Continue reading “Discover how to Become a Leader in any Niche”

Taking Action is the Key to YOUR Future

Will taking action be the key to your success?

Do you ever get caught up in learning all that you can about something before actually doing it?
You know, you read a couple of books, watch some videos then hear about some online course you can take and start on that, without ever really doing anything?
These are symptoms of what is referred to as “analysis paralysis“.
You get so caught up in learning and understanding something that you never get moving on actually doing it.
Don’t get caught in this trap!
Start implementing what you learn today.
Taking Action

Take action and keep moving forward toward your goal.

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How are you at visualizing your ideal outcome

Visualizing positive outcomes takes effort

People tend to have a stronger tendency toward seeing the negative side of things.
When you mention an opportunity to them, they see all of the pitfalls and know of some story of doom associated with it.
You should work on seeing the positive side of things instead.
Picture the best possible outcome whenever an opportunity presents itself.
By doing this you will start to see ways of achieving success instead of failure in all of your pursuits.

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we all regard success in life differently

Take determined steps each day to achieve success in life

In most cases, success in life does not just appear over night.
When look into the history of those dubbed “overnight successes“, you see that they have been working away for years in the background.
Just as every journey is made up of thousands, and sometimes millions, of steps, so is the path to success.
Just do whatever you can each day to bring you closer to your goal.
In time, you will be able to look back and see that all those small victories along the way is what brought you to success in your life.
Success in Life

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do you have a goal setting theory

Lay the groundwork before developing a goal setting theory

We all get ideas about how the world works based on our own experiences.
But this is a very narrow view to take.
We can only experience so much in our own lives.
So it is a good idea to read about different aspects of live to learn more about what others have determined before us.
So before you finalize your goal setting theory, make sure you do some research.
This will help you to set your theory based on a wider base of knowledge and provide a firmer foundation to grow from.
Goal setting theory

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follow your passions to create a career change

A career change is possible for anyone

When people say they can’t learn something what they really mean is that they are not interested in that subject.
If you have a desire to understand something, you will find a way to grasp the information about it.
We all have the ability to learn anything we want.
It is our will power that determines whether we will or not.
So if you are looking to change your life, follow your passions to ensure success.
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what have you experience doing

How did you gain your experience?

You cannot gain experience without action.
The benefit of your actions is that they bring you to where you want to go.
The downside is that your actions may not result in the outcome you had hoped for.
In most cases when this happens, people term the action a failure or mistake.
In truth, those actions just taught you a lesson about how NOT to get to where you wish to go.
So treat them as such and rejoice in the experience you gained from them.
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