The past cannot be cured

Many people spend their lives in the
They are always recounting what could
have been or what happened to them in
days gone by.
It is good from time to time to reminisce
about past events and to learn from them.
But don’t spend all your time dwelling on
what has happened. It is over and there
is nothing you can do to change the past.
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what are YOU afraid of

People are often paralyzed by their fears.
They know in their hearts that they need to do something to move forward but just can’t take that first step.
Often, they don’t even know why they are tentative about acting.
Next time you find yourself fearful of taking action on an opportunity, ask yourself
“What am I afraid of?”
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Have You Become Too Complacent?

Just as a caged bear settles for the confines of his cage, so do we become complacent over time.

Have you ever heard anyone complain about their job?
Do you know anyone who would rather be home than commuting to work on a daily basis?
Have you ever been disappointed by the paltry raise you received after a year of hard work and promises of fair compensation?
If you are like everyone else I know, your answer to the above questions is a definite YES!
But what are these people doing about it? Like the bear in the video, they are accepting what they have as the only possible outcome for their lives.
People become complacent and accept what they receive rather than going outside the confines of their current lives and reaching for something better.
You don’t have to settle for the daily grind you currently find yourself in. You have to ability to change your life for the better.
Take a chance and venture out of your comfort zone. Try doing something to better yourself financially and build a more gratifying future for yourself.
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