Taking Action is the Key to YOUR Future

Will taking action be the key to your success?

Do you ever get caught up in learning all that you can about something before actually doing it?
You know, you read a couple of books, watch some videos then hear about some online course you can take and start on that, without ever really doing anything?
These are symptoms of what is referred to as “analysis paralysis“.
You get so caught up in learning and understanding something that you never get moving on actually doing it.
Don’t get caught in this trap!
Start implementing what you learn today.
Taking Action

Take action and keep moving forward toward your goal.

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think positive thoughts in YOUR daily routine

Positive Thoughts can Lead to Positive Outcomes

We have a tendency to look at the negative more closely than the positive.
When things are going wrong, we have no problem at all giving all of the reasons for our difficulties.
But when asked to give a possible solution, we tend to draw a blank.
You should practice looking for solutions first whenever a setback occurs instead of analyzing why it happened.
You can always go back and analyze after you are back on track.
positive thoughts

Accentuate the positive and you will find more solutions and less problems

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take action to change your destiny

You have prepared enough, it is time to TAKE ACTION!

There are many reasons people give themselves for not taking action to better their lives.
One of the most common excuses is that the time is not right to act.
The truth of the matter is that there will never be a perfect time to complete anything!
We live in an imperfect world.
You should prepare yourself the best you can then just have faith in your ability to carry through to your goal.
Take action

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is it risk taking or taking advantage of opportunities

There is little difference between risk taking and seeking opportunity

When chances are presented to us we can view them as either opportunities or risks.
You can look at all the rewards you will receive from a successful outcome.
Or you can look at all the potential costs incurred if the outcome is not favorable.
It all depends on your state of mind.
One thing is for certain though, if you never take any risks you will never receive any rewards!
If you wait until all the risks are removed and it becomes a “sure thing”, the opportunity will most likely have passed you by.

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keep your innovative ideas flowing to succeed


Our minds are filtering information at an astounding rate all day long.
They take in data from all of our senses and calculate what needs to be brought to our attention and what can be ignored.
In doing all of this, different connections are made and some spark an idea to come forward as something to consider.
Every now and again, one of these ideas is going to be exceptional and worth following through on and developing.
The problem is, we never know when one of these exceptionally innovative ideas is going to show up.
innovative ideas

Don’t become discouraged if all your innovative ideas aren’t fruitful

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will you outlast adversity

You need endurance to outlast adversity

Life’s journey is more like a marathon than a sprint.
You have to have endurance to keep moving forward no matter how many walls you hit along the way.
At some points you may be able to dart forward and quickly reach your desired short term goal.
But to reach your ultimate goal, or the finish line, you have to keep plodding toward it relentlessly at whatever pace you can maintain.
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do you have dreams for your future

The world awaits your dreams of the future

Where would we be today without the dreamers of the world?
All of the technological advances we enjoy today started out as a dream in someone’s mind.
Those people weren’t discouraged when others told them it wasn’t possible to realize their dreams.
They persisted and kept moving towards their dreams until they became a reality.
And so should you!
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what have your critics done lately

How do you handle critics?

You will always have critics giving you negative reviews on your work.
It is easier to find fault in something than it is to see the value.
When you do get bad reviews, look at the source and determine if it is worth listening to.
If the the person panning your work has not achieved the success you are after, don’t pay any heed to their heckles.
Carry on and keep working as best as you can toward your goals.
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do you know what you can do

Have you ever shied away from doing something because you felt that you couldn’t do it well enough?
Like make that great recipe your mom used to make, or join the local slow pitch team?
If it is something that you truly want to do, don’t let your initial skepticism about your skills hold you back.
Break though that barrier of self-doubt and give it a try.
You may be surprised by the hidden talents you possess.
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choose the flavors you prefer

Do you like to try new foods?
Have you ever tasted something that you thought you wouldn’t like that ended up being one of your favorite dishes?
Everyone has different tastes, whether it be food or fashion or activities.
So try as many things as you can to determine if they suit your tastes.
At the very least, you will know that it is not for you and you can avoid it in the future.
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