Can you relate to a different perspective?

Everyone sees something different when they look at things.
Quite often the way we view things is based on our likes and dislikes or feelings about the object or circumstance.
See what I mean about having a different perspective here:

There are as Many Different Perspectives as There are People

We all view the world through our personal perspective filters.
These filters have been developed over the years through our own personal experiences.
The stronger the emotions associated with a particular thing or event, the more set our perspective filter will be.
There are many daily factors that influence out filters as well:

  • who we are with at the time
  • our emotional state
  • the time of day
  • our physical state

to name a few.
So a person may be more receptive to listening to you at one time over another.

Persistence Can Help Develop a Different Perspective

Just because you are excited by an opportunity does not mean that others will be as well.
Your enthusiasm may be able to sway some people, but most of them will need to have a similar perspective to be swayed.
You can manage to change some people’s perspectives by showing different benefits over time.
If they are not strongly averse to your idea, they may just need a nudge at the right time for them to see things your way.
So be persistent and maintain a positive attitude toward your opportunity.
Tell others about your successes and achievements.
Let them know what it is that you like about what you are doing on a daily basis and show your enthusiasm.
Eventually you will get others to see things from your perspective and be interested in your opportunity as well.
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