Are you taking advantage of opportunities or taking risks?

There is little difference between risk taking and seeking opportunity

When chances are presented to us we can view them as either opportunities or risks.
You can look at all the rewards you will receive from a successful outcome.
Or you can look at all the potential costs incurred if the outcome is not favorable.
It all depends on your state of mind.
You can be optimistic and look at the good outcomes or pessimistic and linger on the unfavorable ones..
One thing is for certain though, if you never take any risks you will never receive any rewards!
Simon quote
Most of the great breakthroughs in life are achieved by people doing something new or in a different way.
The action is taken even though there is a feeling of dread or uncertainty in the mind.
If you wait until all the risks are removed and it becomes a “sure thing”, the opportunity will most likely have passed you by.

Do you look at the opportunity or the risk?

The old saying used when an opportunity was missed is

That ship has sailed

This referred to the main mode of transportation of the time to far off destinations.
In most cases, the ships reached their destinations, in some, like the Titanic, you were better off missing the last boarding call.
You can look at business ventures in the same way.
When you get on board with a new company, you may have to go through some rough waters and weather storms before reaching your goal.
You can do your research and invest in something that is about to take off believing it will reach it’s objectives.
Or you can hesitate and miss out on the low initial price and the big gains.
Imagine those people who had faith in companies like Apple and Microsoft and got in on the initial IPO.
They watched the stocks soar along with their profits, while others hesitated and bought in after the big initials gains and never experienced the same growth.
Of course, there are companies, like the Titanic, that do not stay afloat.
That is the risk we must take to eventually gain the riches availed to the bold.
So seek opportunities and take some risks today to get you closer to your goals.
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