Do You Struggle with Self-preparation

There has to be a balance between being prepared and procrastinating.
Some people will spend way too much time “preparing” because they are afraid to actually do things.
Others will just jump in without preparing and not succeed due to lack of knowledge.
See my take on self-preparation in the following video:

Self-preparation will Lead to Success

Think about the last time you went on a vacation.
I bet that you did all kinds of research on:

  • accommodations
  • weather
  • transportation
  • entertainment

You looked things up on the web, talked to people and read material to prepare for your trip.
But when it comes to home based businesses, many people don’t take the time to prepare themselves.
They assume that they can just start making money without doing any self-preparation beforehand.
Don’t be one of those people.

Make Preparation Part of Your Daily Routine

Set time aside daily to do some self-preparation so that you are ready to discuss your business intelligently when the time comes.
Plan to read information pertinent to your niche daily and attend any webinars put on by your company.
Take notes of any important information you get from these daily activities.
Go over your notes and use them as a basis for material for your blogs and videos.
If you do this on a daily basis you will become more confident and this will show when you interact with potential customers.
Self-preparation is essential to your success in business.
Make sure that you are doing all you can each day to prepare yourself for success.
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…and follow the simple steps.
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