Are you ready for a new beginning?

Do you know someone who is always talking about getting out of the position they’re in and making a new start?
Every time you talk to them they say they are fed up, but haven’t done anything to change their situation.
Have you ever gotten into this frame of mind yourself?
It is time to stop thinking and talking about it and start doing it!

Don’t just talk about a new beginning, get started!

If you have been unable to get yourself started, or know someone else in this predicament, it is no wonder.
It is so common that we have come up with many ways to describe this phenomenon:

  • Analysis Paralysis
  • Overthinking
  • Writers Block
  • Managerbation

Whatever you call it, the results are the same. Which is to say, there aren’t any!
All you ever get is a list of excuses but no action, which is required for results.

What’s keeping you from the life of your dreams

When you look deeper into this phenomenon, you find that fear is at the root of the reasons for not beginning something.
The main fears you will find are:

  • fear of criticism
  • fear of the unknown
  • fear of poverty

These fears will erode your self-confidence and keep you from taking the actions required to succeed.
To get over these hurdles, look into what is truly holding you back.
Once you know what it is, do what you need to do to convince yourself that it is not a reason to hold you back.
A great way to do this is to list, in writing, what the worst possible outcome could be.
Be specific when making this list to get all of the reasons out in front of you.
Then list all the benefits you could see when you succeed at your new venture.
By looking at these two lists side-by-side you will get a good picture in your mind of just what you can achieve and how much better your life will be after making the change.
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