Do what is right and follow your dreams

Throughout history there have been examples of pioneers going against the grain and proving that the conventional wisdom was wrong.
People told them it couldn’t be done yet they went ahead and did it anyway.
Thanks to these people we now:

  • know that the world isn’t flat (Christopher Columbus)
  • have electric light bulbs (Thomas Edison)
  • drive cars instead of horse drawn wagons (Henry Ford)
  • travel anywhere by plane (Charles Lindbergh)

Yet the world is still full of skeptics who deny that new things can succeed.

What excuses have you heard?

When it comes to trying something new, people will give you many excuses why it won’t work and it is not for them.
Even if they have never heard of what you are doing!
They will say that since they have no knowledge of it, it can’t work.
The main reason people say this is due to their fear of the unknown.
It is this same fear that keeps them from trying anything that may help them get ahead.
Another reason is to avoid having to think.
If they get on board they will have learn something new and have put some time and effort in to gain that knowledge (this could take away from the time they spend watching reruns on TV).

Berlin quoteThat’s not how we do it

It’s not really an issue if someone wants to stay stuck where they are, but most of time they want to make sure everyone else stays there as well.
That is why the people that are against you doing anything new are so vocal.
Because if you succeed at doing this thing that they are afraid to try, they will be stuck all alone where they are now.
And as they say

misery loves company

So they will try to keep you back by telling you that what you are planning does not fit in with their culture and neither will you if you do it.
If that’s the case,  then maybe it is time to fit in somewhere else!

Following your dreams goes against most conventional wisdom

For the most part, we have evolved as a society and survived by doing what others before us have done.
By doing what has been proven to be safe and secure, we have avoided pitfalls that were discovered by those before us.
There are more followers of the conventional way to do things than there are pioneers who are willing to take risks and want to try and do things bigger and better.
There are far more people just getting by or less than there are millionaires as well!
If you have that pioneering spirit, follow your dreams and break out of that conventional mold that you have been placed in.
Keep focused on what it is that you want to achieve and don’t let anyone stop you from getting there.
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