How to change your destiny

You never know what fate has in store for you.
Take, for instance, how I met my wife.
About 6 months after I started working for a new company, they announced that they needed volunteers to help out at weekend event.
They needed people to man their booth at a local trade show. As a new employee, I felt it would be good to show my support by donating my time.
Our company made wood pulp, which is used as the main ingredient to make any form of paper. Part of our exhibit was a table where children were able to make a small piece of paper of their own using our pulp.
During the course of the day, I was approached by a lovely woman who was a teacher at a school a few kilometers out of town. As most of her students wouldn’t be coming to this event, she asked if we could do our paper presentation in her classroom.
Being a new employee, I wasn’t sure, so I asked for her contact information and told her I would check with my superiors.
My bosses loved the idea and saw it as a way to show our support for the community. They asked me to take the lead and organize the event.
Through the organizing and executing of the event, I got to know this teacher better. And, to make a long story short, we have just celebrated our 22nd anniversary! Continue reading “How to change your destiny”