What Recruitment Strategies Do You Use for Your Business?

How do you go about getting new people into your organization?
Watch the following video to see what I think of conventional recruitment strategies:

Recruitment Strategies have Changed Over the Years

One of the popular strategies proposed by MLM companies is to recruit your friends and family. Get them to come to your home and tell them all about the awesome benefits of having your own home based business.

recruitment strategiesThe problem with this method is that the majority of your friends and family have no interest in operating an online business.

Most of the people that you know have been conditioned to believe that putting in time for money is the only way to make a living.
This theory has been the only thing they have told since they were young and is all they see on the media.
Despite all of this conditioning, there are people who have come to see there is a better way to get through life.
These people are already looking for something better than the old way of earning a living. These are the people you want to get your message in front of!
It is much easier to build your business with people who are already searching for a way to earn residual income.
So build your team and become successful with like minded people who already know there is a better way.
Advertise and post your information where people interested in bettering their lives are already searching for an alternative.
This way you won’t have to change their whole perspective on life before getting them to look at your offer.
Once you have proven that the way you have chosen works, then your friends and family will come to you and ask to join.
If you would like to get more help on this or any subject related to earning a residual income, I have been able to find a way to do just that and am willing to teach you. I can show you a way that has worked for me and many others!
Now of course I can’t guarantee any income to you…but what I can do is give you a fighting chance with something that actually works!
So if you want to learn how to make some extra income and would like a step-by-step proven system that works…
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Watch This Video


…and follow the simple steps.
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