Will you stay true to your dreams

It is so easy to get sidetracked with all the information we are bombarded with on a daily basis.
There is always someone telling you about the latest and greatest version of something on a daily basis.
So many people go chasing after these shiny objects that get dangled in front them every day and never finish their original plan.
Don’t fall into this trap, stick to your original plans and see them through to completion.

Reeve_quote2Be persistent and have faith in your dreams.

We often don’t give enough effort to things before moving on to something new.
This is partly due to the conditioning we have received in the past.
Instant gratification has become the norm.
We pay for something and we have it in our hands immediately.
In most cases, we now use credit to buy things, so we don’t have to work and save and wait until we have the funds to purchase things.
So when people start aiming towards their dreams, and are not rewarded immediately, they feel that it is a losing cause.
Don’t fall into this trap!
Once you have found something that you truly believe in, give it sufficient time to work out before giving up on it.
Don’t get distracted by other things that promise fast rewards.
Anything that will bring you closer to attaining your dreams is worth waiting for.
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