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No matter what field you are interested in, someone has written a book about it at some time.
One of the best ways to learn about any subject is to read about it.
You don’t even need to find a copy of the book anymore.
Most books have an e-book version you can read right on your computer or many other handheld devices.
So if you want to get  ahead in any area, start reading all you can about the subject.
Before long you will know more than most people and can be considered an expert on it!

Read something informative each day to take advantage of all of the information available to you in books.

It has been said many times that

Leaders are Readers.

The best thing you can do with your spare time, if you want to get ahead, is to read.
I don’t mean comic books or romance novels, you should read books that will further your education about the subject of your choice.
You can read two or three books on a subject and know more facts about it than the average person.
You can then use that knowledge to position yourself as an authority in that field.
Then find more books to read and round out your knowledge on the subject.
Before long, people will be coming to you when they want to know more.
So start reading books today to build your future.
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