How are you at visualizing your ideal outcome

Visualizing positive outcomes takes effort

People tend to have a stronger tendency toward seeing the negative side of things.
When you mention an opportunity to them, they see all of the pitfalls and know of some story of doom associated with it.
You should work on seeing the positive side of things instead.
Picture the best possible outcome whenever an opportunity presents itself.
By doing this you will start to see ways of achieving success instead of failure in all of your pursuits.

Always endeavour to visualize the best case scenario in all of your pursuits

Our tendency to see the worst case scenario was developed through our instinct of self-preservation.
Over the millions of years of evolution, humankind has had to look out for life threatening challenges most of the time.
It is only in recent history that the majority of people have been able to live in civilized conditions.
So our senses are still attuned to look for danger to ensure we do not fall prey to some life threatening event.
This has carried over into how we visualize any opportunity presented to us.
We have to evolve out of this state if we wish to attain out true potential.
We can’t reach our goals unless we visualize the path that will lead us to them.
This can only be done if we ignore our negative instincts and focus on the positive events unfolding as we pursue our destinies.
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