do you have a goal setting theory

Lay the groundwork before developing a goal setting theory

We all get ideas about how the world works based on our own experiences.
But this is a very narrow view to take.
We can only experience so much in our own lives.
So it is a good idea to read about different aspects of live to learn more about what others have determined before us.
So before you finalize your goal setting theory, make sure you do some research.
This will help you to set your theory based on a wider base of knowledge and provide a firmer foundation to grow from.
Goal setting theory

Are you living up to your goals?

Your goals should answer the “why” or reason for you doing things.
So any goal setting theory you adopt should have this focus to it.
You may not always realize it, but there is a reason behind all we do.
Sometimes the reasons are more obvious than others, but if you ask yourself “why” you will determine your reasons.
If you want to see if your actions are aligned with your goals, ask yourself:

“What do I want out of life?”

And if your actions are not bringing you closer to that end, you should consider doing something different.
And whether you have a goal setting theory or not, think about the reasons behind your actions before performing them.
Most of the time you will notice that they are taken with some goal in mind.
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