what have you experience doing

How did you gain your experience?

You cannot gain experience without action.
The benefit of your actions is that they bring you to where you want to go.
The downside is that your actions may not result in the outcome you had hoped for.
In most cases when this happens, people term the action a failure or mistake.
In truth, those actions just taught you a lesson about how NOT to get to where you wish to go.
So treat them as such and rejoice in the experience you gained from them.

A rose by any other name….

We like to label things.
Some labels have a better connotation than others.
In some instances, the same label could mean different things depending on when it is applied.
It all depends on how they are perceived by us in the end.
When you think about your experiences, you generally add the good and bad experiences together to come up with your total.
So stop thinking of the actions you take that do not bring you to the desired outcome as mistakes or failures.
Simply term them experience and learn what you can from them to reach your goals.
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