are you studying too much

Studying too much can be harmful

It is very easy to get caught up in the web of knowledge attainment and studying too much.
We keep finding more and more things to learn about our chosen field.
We feel like we need to know all there is to know before getting in front of people so that we don’t look foolish.
The truth is that there will always be more to learn.
Work with what you know now and keep building your knowledge as you go along.

You must perform something to gain the full experience.

A great 3 step system to keep moving forward is:

  • Invest
  • Learn
  • Teach

Invest your time and money on courses that will enhance your knowledge on any subject you are interested in.
There are many ways to enhance your knowledge but they require an investment of either time or money (and sometimes both!) on your part to get them.
Learn the information you have invested in.
So many people invest in things and then leave them sitting on a shelf or their computer hard drive.
Don’t fall into this category! Use the materials and learn all you can from each one.
Teach others what you have learned to set the information into your mind and get a fuller understanding of it.
Perform the tasks talked about in the teachings and tell others about it and you will gain far more benefits from the experience.
By using this simple 3 step plan, you will become more successful and spend your time on action steps as well as learning.
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