who are you taking council from

Whenever you start out on a new venture, you will always run into people who will have negative views to share.
If you have done your research and believe in your course, don’t let these detractors sway you from it.
Especially if these people have not attained the goals you are striving to reach.
Tell them you will take heed of their warnings and carry through with your plans.

Be wary of whose council you listen to.

People love to give off the cuff advice, and it is usually of a negative nature.
When you receive this advice regarding a new venture you have undertaken, ask some qualifying questions of the person.
Lets say you are starting a new online business that requires you maintain a blog for exposure.
You will hear the line

“I tried that and it didn’t work.”

When you do, probe deeper into this person’s work.
Ask to see their blog, read their posts, find out which company they were affiliated with.
You will most likely see that:

  • they only made 2 or 3 blog posts
  • the posts themselves were poorly structured and uninformative
  • they were affiliated with a totally different company

And most importantly, they did not achieve the goal you are trying to attain!
When this occurs, politely tell them you will take their advice into consideration and move forward with your plans.
If you feel you do need advice, seek out people who have attained the goal you are striving toward and ask them.
This way you will be receiving council from a person who can direct you properly and not just misdirection from a disappointed person.
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