choose the flavors you prefer

Do you like to try new foods?
Have you ever tasted something that you thought you wouldn’t like that ended up being one of your favorite dishes?
Everyone has different tastes, whether it be food or fashion or activities.
So try as many things as you can to determine if they suit your tastes.
At the very least, you will know that it is not for you and you can avoid it in the future.

How do you know if you will like a dish without tasting it?

There are many different ways to prepare the same dish.
Just do a search for any recipe on the web and you will see what I mean.
Sometimes subtle variations in the spices added or cooking method can make all the difference in how something turns out and whether or not you will like it.
The same can be said for running a business.
You can follow the same steps as someone else and not get the same results.
It may be the sequence in which you followed the steps or there my be some other small difference in the way you executed things.
Either way, if you take the time to examine what happened and determine the underlying reasons for not being as successful as you had hoped, it will not be a total loss.
Learn from your setbacks and don’t let the bitter taste of defeat turn you sour on the whole process.
It may just take a small tweak in the methods you are using to turn things around so that you can have a sweet victory.
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