Do you know what YOU are capable of

Have you ever heard people say “I couldn’t possibly do that” when asked to perform a task?
Have you ever said that yourself?
By taking yourself out of the race before even beginning, you will never even see the finish line, never mind coming in first.
Be willing to try new things and discover just what you can do before counting yourself out of the competition.
You may surprise yourself by just how much you can actually do!

Be brave and discover your limits!

We are all born with certain innate talents and have the ability to develop others throughout our lives.
When we are children, we go through an enormous learning curve just picking up the things required to go through our daily lives.
We never consider the possibility that we may not be as good as someone else at a task, we just do it.
But as the years progress, we become more and more self-conscious and self-critical.
We feel that if we cannot do a skill perfectly from the outset, we will never be able to do it, so why even try.
We believe other people are just so much better than us that we couldn’t possibly compete.
This is the entirely wrong attitude to take!
Believe that you can do anything that other people can do.
Believe that with practice and persistence, you will become even better than others.
Then go out and prove yourself right.
You will be amazed at just what you will be able to achieve with this positive mental attitude.
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