Are you a victim of the prevailing winds

You hear so many people making excuses as to why their lives are not the way they want them to be.
These excuses are always shifting the blame from themselves to some outside factor.
In reality, it is the choices we make at any point in our lives that determines where we end up.
It is no one’s fault but our own when things don’t work out.

You control the direction your life will take.

We no longer live in Edwardian England, where your lot in life was predetermined by your ancestry.
Today you have the opportunity to choose whatever profession appeals to you.
You may be pushed in one direction or another by family and friends, wanting to give you a leg up and set you off in the “right direction”.
But this by no means is a reason to stay on a life path that you do not find fulfilling.
Is it easier to do what everyone else is doing?
Will you disappoint people by not following their suggestions?
Will your life be more fulfilling and enjoyable if you do what you know in your heart is right for you instead?
So stop complaining and placing blame for your lot in life on outside circumstances.
Make a choice today to start following your heart and earning a living doing what you are passionate about.
For in the end, you will only resent those people who got you fixed on the wrong path, despite the fact that it was your choice to take it.
Those who truly love you will see that you chose wisely and get over the fact that you went against their wishes.
So live your life to the fullest and do what will make you happy!
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