do you believe you're up to the challenge

Would you rely on any professional who told you

“I probably can’t do this, but since you’re willing to pay me, I’ll try.”

Imagine hearing that from your mechanic or, even worse, your surgeon!
So why do people treat their lives in this fashion?
Have faith that you can achieve whatever you set forth to do before embarking on the journey.
First, believe you can, then do.
Have faith that the actions you are going to take will result in you achieving your desired goal.
Picture yourself in a future time after having attained your goal.
Put as much information into this vision as possible:

  • what do you see?
  • is it like a movie or a picture?
  • what do you hear?
  • what do you smell?
  • how do you feel?
  • can you taste anything?

Make this vision of your future as real as you possibly can.
Once you have set this vision of your future in place, and you believe that it is a reality, you have taken the first step to making it so.
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