Do you stand up to adversity

In life, the path from point A to point B is rarely a straight line.
As we progress along our journey, many speed bumps and pit falls are placed in our way.
It is by overcoming these obstacles and bouncing back even higher and stronger each time that we reach our destiny.
Use your setbacks as learning experiences and grow stronger from them.
You never truly know where your life is going to end up.
I was working diligently for a large company thinking that this where I would be until retirement.
Then our division of the company was sold to some other company.
The new company decided that they could operate our plant just as efficiently with fewer people and I was downsized.
Because I had this misplaced belief that I was secure in my position, I had no contingency plans.
At the time, the economy of the area was bad as well, so other companies were also downsizing if not closing their doors completely.
So I had no job, no prospects and all my bills to pay.
Have you ever found yourself in this situation?
Do you have any plans in place in case it does happen to you?
I decided to start looking into ways to earn money working from home.
Fortunately I was able to find a way to start earning residual income using the internet from the comfort of my home.
It did not happen overnight, there were more roadblocks and pitfalls to overcome.
But with perseverance and hard work I was able to get back on track and the way to financial freedom.
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