how do you seize mastery of your world

Are you a proactive or reactive person?
Do go after what you want or sit and wait for it to arrive on it’s own?
It is up to you to go after whatever it is you want in life.
By taking action each day you will propel your world in the direction of your goals.
What steps are you deciding to take to seize control of your life?
It doesn’t have to be some grand gesture that changes your whole life at once.
Start off with small steps and work your way up to more and more daring feats.
As a first step, take time to clearly define your goals.
Set aside a specific time that you are going to work on this for the next few days.
Decide where it is you want your life to go and why you want to get there.
Once you have your destination and reason for wanting to get there in place, you will be ready to start steering your world in the right direction.
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