What role are you destined to play

I believe we all have a purpose to play in the greater scheme of life.
Once you start to fulfill this role, you feel it in your bones and things all start to fall into place for you.
Some of us learn early on what that role is and carry it out as best we can.
Others start on a different path only to change course, perhaps several times, before getting into the groove and doing what comes naturally.
What role are you destined to play?
Many of us are guided along our paths in life by friends and family at an early age.
We see and hear about what those around us are doing and form our judgments and decisions based upon that.
But once we get older and are moving along whatever path it is we’ve chosen, it just doesn’t feel right.
We’re not as happy as we’d hoped to be and aren’t achieving as much as we know are capable of doing.
These are some of the warning signs that we are not doing what we really should.
You know what makes you happy. It is different for everybody and can’t really be dictated by others.
You feel it when you are doing whatever it is that inspires you. You feel it whenever you are doing that which you love. You feel it whenever you get up each day feeling happy.
This is nature’s way of setting you on the path that you were destined for!
Listen to nature’s call and start finding a way to do more of what makes you happy and brings you fulfillment.
You will find that your life will run much more smoothly and you will find pleasure in places you hadn’t even thought of before.
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