your ideas are the seeds that lead to your growth

Just as the acorn can turn into a mighty oak,
so can our ideas grow into greatness.
Each idea is a small seed that is planted in our minds.
It is up to you to determine which seeds you want
to grow in your mind and tend to them appropriately.
We all have in us the the capability to grow into
whatever our heart desires.
Just like an acorn needs fertile soil and water to
grow into a mighty oak tree, we need to provide
the right conditions for our ideas to grow.
In this case it is belief and persistence that supply
the require nutrients.
Keep working on your ideas and moving toward
where you want to be with faith in your abilities and
you will eventually grow your ideas.
And once they are firmly rooted and tall, with their
branches spreading to all areas of your life, they will
provide all you need to sustain your dreams.
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