Don't take yourself too seriously

Looking at things in a different light can help us to gain perspective on a situation.
One way to do this is to try and find the humor in the situation.
There are many times when irony can be amusing, but usually we miss that point when the situation involves us.
Look for the humor in things that frustrate you and you will be able to let them pass and feel better.
Don’t take yourself too seriously!
No matter how much preparation and practice you put into something, the unexpected can still happen.
Don’t let these glitches frustrate you. Instead, try to turn them into humorous situations.
If your computer freezes during a presentation, say “I bet this never happens to Bill Gates!”
Your audience will get a bit of laugh from it and relax while you fix the issues and carry on.
Remember that similar problems have plagued just about everyone else at some point and others will relate and laugh along with you if you look at the humorous side of events.
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