what challenges have YOU conquered lately?

One way to ensure that you never fail is to never do anything challenging.
Just stick to doing the same thing over and over again and remain exactly where you are in life now.
But following this course will never lead to satisfaction and fulfillment.
To truly live, we must keep growing and expanding our presence here to become all that we can be.
And if by doing so we are not always successful, it just means that we have discovered a way NOT to do something and can move forward in a different way from now on.
How good are you at handling life’s challenges?
One challenge that we all face in the course of life is starting a new job.
It’s always both exhilarating and frightening at the same time. You are starting a new adventure but surrounded by people who all have way more experience than you.
But in time, after taking the training and doing the job for awhile, you get the hang of it and are as good as, if not better than, your peers.
You gain some satisfaction for achieving this level of competence.
For many people this where they stop when it comes to their careers. They stick with that job that they have mastered because it is a sure thing. They know they can do it and just stick with it.
Oh sure, they complain that the job isn’t fulfilling after awhile and that they dread going into work each morning. But their excuse for staying there is that they could not possibly do as good anywhere else.
Do you know any people like this?
The reason they cling to this belief is because they have a stronger recollection of the fear of starting a new job than the joy of achieving something new.
Fear is a great motivator. It can impel people to perform awesome feats but it can also paralyze them into doing nothing.
Don’t become one of these people!
Keep challenging yourself in your career and all other aspects of your life.
You will find life more fulfilling and enjoy yourself a whole lot more!
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