Don't be RULED by other's opinions

You are never going to be able to please everyone.
Make sure that you are doing what you feel is the right thing for you to do.
If some people disagree, look at where their life has brought them.
If they are not as successful as you are working toward being, ignore their opinion and keep pushing toward your dreams.

Be the master of your own destiny

Make your own decisions and don’t worry about what others thinks.
In the end, the only opinion that really matters is your own. You have to live with yourself and the decisions you have made.
Although some people may believe they are looking after your best interests, the ultimate say in the matter is still yours to make.
We all know someone who followed the advice of friends and family when choosing their career path and grew to resent their decision later on in life.
Chances are those people were not truly interested in the field they were steered toward, but didn’t want to hurt the feelings of others by doing what they wanted to do in the first place.

Don’t be concerned with what others think about your decisions

Don’t let the negativity of others keep you from doing what pleases you.
Often times the people who are negative just don’t have the experience needed to make a proper opinion on your choices.
Say your dream is to become a writer and someone who reads maybe one book per year looks at your material and tells you it is not good enough, should you listen to them?

Fear of criticism is one of the 6 basic fears

Burns quoteIf you are concerned about being criticized, your are not alone!
In “The Law Success” Napoleon Hill cites the fear of criticism as one of the six basic fears.
His belief is that it comes from our inherent nature to take from others and justify our actions through criticism.
You must agree that although there are many reasons why people will criticize you, most of them are selfish.
This seems to most true in the work environment.
Either people think it will make them look better if others around them look bad or they may be looking to get promoted over you.

Look at the source closely to abate your fears

Whenever you receive criticism, look at where it is coming from and ask yourself if their opinion really matters to you.
If they have not done anything to compare with what you have done, then they have no right to criticize you.
Most people who are worth listening to will give constructive criticism.
They will pass along a way to correct anything they find lacking in your efforts.
These are the people you should listen to and ignore what is being said by the others.
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