Have you noticed what stories make it to top of the newscast or headline in the papers?

It is very seldom that we see a story about a happy event at the forefront of the news. This is because most people seem to be attracted to the tragic stories more than the good stories.
newspaper-in doorNow I don’t know if this is because we have been conditioned over the years to expect negative news stories, or if there is just some innate reason in our human make-up that causes it.
You see this on the highways when there is an accident. The traffic on the far side of the road slows down just to see what happened.
You can test this out in your marketing. Send out the same message but change the title to something tragic in one message and see which one gets the most attention.
You can do the same thing by posting different videos or pictures on your Facebook page and see which ones get more likes, comments and shares.
You wouldn’t want to do this on a regular basis, but adding something a little negative from time to time may be a way to get more attention to your material.
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