Don't be Vague, Narrow Your Focus

Have you ever received some vague error message when working on your computer? How did that make you feel?
Morgan_QuoteIn life we will be faced with a variety of issues. It is how we react to them that will set the tone for future success or failure.
When you are unsure how to tackle an issue, see if you can break it down into smaller, more manageable parts.
Take the NASA space program for example. Each component of the rockets used to reach the moon had to be invented and refined before the project could come to completion. There were more than likely many times when those involved had to step back and break down things to focus on the exact problem to solve it.
Keep this in mind when you are marketing as well. Hone in on one specific issue that your audience may be experiencing and focus on that. Provide a solution to their problem with well defined steps for them to follow.
If you try to take in too wide a view, you may not be able to provide the answer fully and keep people hanging or wondering if this is right for them.
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