Cleanse Your Mind of Negative Thoughts

We do a number of daily cleansing activities, why not clean your mind as well.

Brushing our teeth, wearing clean clothes and showering or bathing are all part of everyone’s daily activities. But when it comes to our minds, we don’t often consider how to keep them clean.
dream silhouetteWhat I mean by that is emptying out the negative thoughts that get stuck in your mind.
Everyday we are bombarded by negative information. Any news program you watch or listen to is generally filled with negative information: accidents, wars, bad weather, etc..
To get yourself in a better frame of mind on a daily basis, it is good practice to try and cleanse these negative thoughts from your mind. One way to do this is by purposely thinking of positive or happy thoughts on a regular basis.
Start your day by thinking of 3 or more things that happened the previous day to make you happy or feel good about yourself.
They don’t have to be major things, even simple events will do. Maybe you had a good cup of coffee or or received an nice hug and kiss from a family member.
It may be some act or gesture you did throughout the day. Helping someone perform a task they were having difficulty with or just causing someone around you to smile.
Spend time each day reflecting on these things to get the positive, happy thoughts taking up more space in your mind. You will see, over time, that this will cause your days to be more enjoyable leaving your mind feeling clean and refreshed!
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