Focus Your Marketing Strategy

Don’t spread yourself out too thin trying to keep up with all the changes online.

It is very difficult to keep abreast of changes in the online industry.
circuit boardJust 20 years ago, very few people had computers in their homes. Those that did have computers could only do a fraction of what a cell phone can do today.
Some people may go as far as to say that desktop computers are becoming obsolete. They are being replaced by laptops, tablets and cell phones.
All these changes have also required people to develop different marketing strategies. With all the claims out there, it’s hard to know what the best method may be.
Most methods do require a long time to produce results so it’s best to work with something you enjoy or at least have a knack for. Play to your strengths and choose something that you feel comfortable doing.
Here are some examples:
– good at short messages: twitter
– good at long stories: blogging, publications
– good on camera: blogging, vlogging
– good with photos: instagram, Pinterest
Some times it’s best to stick with one strategy and become good at it. You’ll find that platforms change the way you’re allowed to interact, forcing you to modify your strategy.
If you have a good system in place, these changes won’t be as difficult to overcome.
So don’t be too concerned with all the new systems coming out. Stick with what you know and you will be better off in the long run.
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Just remember: You CAN do it!
I believe in you!
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