Maintaining the Garden of Your Mind

Did you ever notice how weeds just spring up without planting any seeds and you don’t need to work at all to maintain them? You can view negative thoughts in the same way.

When you grow a lawn or garden, you put down the seeds you want to grow. You provide the right amount of fertilizer and water and maintain the area to ensure it all grows well.
mazeDespite all your hard work, the inevitable weed will always creep in. They can spread from neighboring areas or just pop up from buried roots in the soil.
The sooner you notice and remove the the weed, the easier it is to maintain the health of the rest of the area. If you let the weed remain, it will spread, and before you know it, you will have nothing but weeds.
Negative thoughts are like weeds. They infest your mind just as weeds proliferate in the soil.
The negative thoughts could come from other people around you. They may put down your ideas or say bad things about the business you’re pursuing.
Or they could just spring up on their own in your mind. Either way, you have to pluck them as soon as you can to keep them from spreading.
You have to tend to your mind with the proper nutrients by reading or listening to positive, educational material. This will help the positive thoughts grow stronger so that they can impede the growth of the negative thoughts.
By planting the proper seeds and doing the right amount of maintenance, you can ensure that the garden of your mind remains healthy and the right thoughts grow and prosper.
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