Business Insights From a Downton Abbey Themed Tea

Who would think that going out for tea and scones would lead to a revelation about business?

Yes, while sipping tea and eating scones at a Downton Abbey themed tea, I gleaned some interesting business facts.
Highclere_CastleYou see, the chef at the event was discussing the show and then went into some true facts about the property used as the setting for the show.
It is filmed on location at Highclere Castle in Newbury (which is in Southern England despite the show’s Northern England setting). The castle has been home the Carnarvon clan since 1672.
The Carnarvons are most well known for their association with discovering tombs in Egypt, most notably, King Tut’s.
The castle has about 300 rooms and sits on a 1,000 acre estate. As you can imagine, it would be quite the financial burden to maintain such a place.
This is why the show is being filmed there. You see, the family leases the premises to the film company in order to finance the upkeep of the castle.
I thought this was a great example of thinking outside the box when looking for ways to finance something. This way the family keeps the estate and receives money for it.
If you find yourself in need of money, think of things around your home you could rent or sell. Or you could rent your services for a skill you have that others may find tedious or difficult to do.
Finding creative ways to finance your endeavours will lead to you succeeding in building the future you deserve.
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