Broaden Your Scope When Making Comparisons

People tend to look at those in their immediate group when making comparisons. This can often lead to incorrect conclusions.

In an interview with the author Malcolm Gladwell about his latest book “David and Goliath”, he mentions some statistics about university dropout rates. He notes that the statistics are the same for regular and elite universities.
disapproveIt turns out that people compare themselves to those in their immediate entourage when deciding the level of their competence. So someone who makes it into an elite college feels like they cannot understand the material if they end up in the bottom third of their class.
This is obviously not true. They just can’t grasp it as quickly as their immediate peers. Compared to other people, they are still capable and intelligent enough to get through, but they give up because they convince themselves of this deficiency.
The same can be said for just about anything in life. We tend to compare ourselves to those who excel at whatever endeavour we are trying.
We should be looking at overall information not the data on the top echelon of people.
If you truly believe that what you are doing is the true way to succeed, then you should find a way to do it that suits your capabilities. Don’t give up no matter what the others around you are doing.
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