Use Quotes to Increase Your EdgeRank

A great way to increase your EdgeRank on Facebook is to add pictures to your page.

A great way to get a variety of pictures that relate to your theme is to use quotes. You can always find someone that said something appropriate to relate to your theme.
Churchill_quoteOne way that I do it is to find people born today and see the quotes that they have said. This way you can go 365 days without repeating words from the same person.
You can find ready-made pictures with the quotes or make your own. Just paste the words on a nice backdrop or a picture of the person you’re quoting.
To get even more mileage out of the picture, open a Pinterest account and post the pictures there as well. This will put you in front of a whole new audience.
By adding pictures of quotes to your wall you can help boost people’s moral and your EdgeRank on a regular basis!
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