Do You Have a Dream?

The first step toward achieving the life of your dreams is to DREAM BIG!

When you do this, don’t leave anything out. If you ever thought that you wanted something, no matter how preposterous, believe that you have it.
Tarbell_quotePicture your perfect future self in your mind. Look around and start documenting a list of all the things this future self has.
Start off by placing yourself in the perfect house or location. Once there, look around and pick out what is there with you. Picture how you look and feel. Note who is there with you and how they look.
Make this future self as vivid and real as possible in your mind’s eye. Go back often to visit them to make sure you don’t leave anything off your list.
If you come across something that you hadn’t thought of, add it to the list when you come across it.
By keeping your future self as alive as possible in your mind, you will start moving toward and becoming that person.
Give it shot! You have nothing to lose by dreaming big and a huge potential to gain great riches.
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Just remember: You CAN do it!
I believe in you!
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